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Car positioning pin plugging and taking

Before the transformation, the bolt was manually operated, with low efficiency and unable to achieve accurate positioning. After the robot is replaced with automatic latch, the efficiency is increased from 30 / min to 60 / min; the robot strictly implements the program standard, and the product consistency is improved after the latch. It can monitor the unqualified products at any time. If it doesn't conform to the positioning procedure, it can alarm and eliminate at any time to avoid the unqualified products entering the later stage. 24-hour non-stop production, compatible with a variety of different mechanisms, flexible switching.

Economic benefits

  • Production capacity

  • Manpower

  • Productivity improvement rate

  • Payback period


Production-line process

  • 01

    The automobile oil pan automatically performs the bolt position and tooling positioning after conveying.

  • 02

    The pins used in the latch operation are automatically transported to the station to be grasped through the vibrating plate, and the subsequent continuous material handling and feeding operation is ensured.

  • 03

    According to the fixed point taught before, the robot grabs the pin and bolt operation.