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Pharma Industry

Three side sealed particle bag box

After several single row machines package (bag) the granular bags at one time, the granular bags are gathered along the chute to the conveying line, and then are transported to the lower part of the robot by the conveying line. Through the cooperation of encoder and vision, the material is grasped and placed in the following way, and the automatic feeding into the slot is completed, and directly connected with the cartoning machine. The whole process avoids a series of manual operations, such as the collection, transportation and manual entry of granular bags. Complete the automatic process from single row machine to cartoning machine.

Economic benefits

  • Capacity

    150Bales / min
  • Manpower

  • Productivity improvement rate

  • Payback period


Production-line process

  • 01

    For material conveying, the three side sealing belt slides down to the horizontal conveying line after one-time packaging by single row machine. Multiple single row machines are placed in parallel, and the down slide of each machine occupies a certain width of the conveyor line. Finally, there are multiple incoming materials on the conveyor line. After that, it is transported out of the bagging room, and then uphill to the robot grasping area.

  • 02

    Cooperate with the robot vision and conveyor line encoder to complete the material follow-up grasp, and put into the buffer slot above the baffle conveyor line. The buffer tank leaks the whole box of materials into the baffle through material accumulation and discharging. If there is missing grasping, the robot will put the material into the return area to ensure the accuracy of packing.

  • 03

    The whole box material is pushed into the box loading machine through the pushing mechanism in front of the box loading baffle conveyor line. The automatic cartoning machine completes the cartoning operation.