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Pharma Industry

Four side sealed particle bag box

After the manual recheck at the outlet of the packaging machine, the granular bag products arrive at the feeding conveyor line. After passing through the robot sorting area, the robot grabs the materials and puts them into the packaging box. When the quantity meets the set quantity, the next box will be packed.

Economic benefits

  • Production capacity

    240Bags / min
  • Manpower

  • Productivity improvement rate

  • Payback period


Production-line process

  • 01

    The particle belt from the front outlet is sent to the robot vision system through the conveying line.

  • 02

    The vision system takes pictures of the material and feeds back the position coordinates of the material to the robot.

  • 03

    The packing box conveying line steps one packing box position at a time, and feeds back the signal to the robot after it is in place, and the robot absorbs the particle bag belt to the packaging After the box is filled, the conveyor line steps a distance, and the robot loads the next box.