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Pharma Industry

Granule bag into tank

Four multi row granular belt packaging machines pack the granular bags at one time, which are transported to the bottom of the robot by the conveyor line. Through the photographing and positioning of Astro vision system, the following grasping of materials is completed, and the automatic feeding into the transition slot is completed. The feeding of 9 bags, 12 bags and 15 bags of granular bags can be completed. The whole process avoids a series of manual operations, such as the collection, transportation and manual entry of granular bags. Complete the automatic operation process from packaging machine to cartoning machine.

Economic benefits

  • Production capacity

  • Manpower

  • Productivity improvement rate

  • Payback period


Production-line process

  • 01

    The material conveying line undertakes the discharge port of multi row machines, and is responsible for conveying the neat materials transferred from the front-end conveying line to the lower part of the manipulator.

  • 02

    Four high-speed parallel manipulators are selected as the high-speed slot entry manipulator in series, and the robot vision is used to achieve the slot entry speed of 450 bags / min. four multi row particle belt packaging machines can be connected, and each manipulator can achieve the maximum slot entry speed of 120 Bags / min.

  • 03

    After slotting, the material enters the cartoning machine through the receiving and pushing mechanism, and the cartoning machine pushes the particle belt and the attached instruction into the packaging carton.