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Food Industry

Ice cream case loading working station

The project is mainly suitable for automatic packing, packaged food ice cream products highest capacity of up to 27000 packages/hour, the project USES the parallel robot, out of the machine, even empty bags packet removing mechanism, horizontal disc arrangement, prop box positioner, adjustable contraction jig, weighing testing out, sealing machine, the whole line of transmission and intelligent control system, intelligent degree is high, it is the preferred solution for replacement of artificial packing.

Economic benefits

  • Production capacity

  • Manpower

  • Productivity improvement rate

  • Payback period


Production-line process

  • 01

    The front-end carton enters the drop line mechanism through the sliding track, and the carton automatically falls into the sub box line orderly through the positioning device.

  • 02

    According to the priority sequence assigned in the early stage, the box dividing line automatically divides the cartons into three layers and enters into three packing units respectively, and then carries out the positioning and clamping of the cartons to prepare for the subsequent packing.

  • 03

    The products transported from the front end are transited through the transition line. After empty bag elimination and continuous bag elimination in the middle, they automatically enter the ring material management device. Each product enters the ring material management device, they automatically step one grid to realize the orderly sorting process of products.

  • 04

    When the finished products arrive at the grab station, the robot automatically grabs the products stably, shrinks and puts them into the carton until the whole carton is filled.

  • 05

    After the confluence of the confluence line, the boxed cartons automatically confluence into one, and automatically enter the subsequent weighing, sealing and palletizing operations to complete the whole back-end packaging process.