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Food Industry

Bag packaged vinegar case packer

The project consists of a parallel robot, a box opener, a weighing eliminator, a code spraying machine, a stacking robot and other equipment. The front end of the automatic line is connected with three filling machines, which perfectly meet the capacity requirements of sorting and packing, sealing and stacking of 20,000 bags per hour.

Economic benefits

  • Production capacity

  • Manpower

  • Reduce labor intensity

  • Payback period


Production-line process

  • 01

    The bagged vinegar from the front outlet is transported to the lower part of the robot vision system through the conveyor line.

  • 02

    The vision system takes photos and sends the position information to the robot for grasping.

  • 03

    The open carton is transported to the packing area by the machine through the conveyor line. After arriving at the packing area, the machine sends a signal to the robot.

  • 04

    The robot grabs the product for packing. When the number of bags reaches the specified number, the conveying line automatically transports the cartons forward to the next station for packing until the specified total number of cartons is filled, and then outputs to the subsequent sealing operation.