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High precision High stability Low cost

The classic STEWART parallel mechanism can easily achieve 6-degree-of-freedom movement in space, and the load can reach 3000kg, which meets the pursuit of the highest precision and maximum load requirements. It is very suitable for high-precision test operations in laboratories, aerospace and other industries, and is mainly used for assembly and motion simulation of various materials.


1、The maximum load can reach 3000kg, meeting your pursuit for the maximum precision and maximum load.

2、Classic Stewart parallel mechanism, can easily realize 6-DOF movement in three-dimensional space.

3、The robot is ideal for high-precision test in laboratory and aerospace. Widely used in assembly, motion simulation of Various materials.

Support platform for heavy load capacity

Detailed product parameters

Model Axes Payload Manipulator Repeatability Range of Axis Power supply Power capacity Rated Power Storage temperature Work environment Protection
S6-V0-P0 6 200kg Weight Maximum Speed Position Rotation X-axis Z-axis X-Rot Y-Rot Z-Rot Three-phase 380VAC -10%~+10%, 49~61HZ 10KVA 2.4kw -10℃~70℃ 0℃~50℃,RH≤80% IP55
550kg 300mm/s 0.05mm 0.2º ±100mm ±75mm ±15º ±15º ±15º


  • 01.Outline dimensions and Zero point (mm)

  • 02.Outline dimensions and Zero point (mm)

  • 03.Outline dimensions and Zero point (mm)